Woman with Longest Locs Marries Her Hairdresser


Her name is Asha Mandela and her locs are approximately 55 feet long.

She is Rastafarian and recently married a fellow Rastafarian from Kenya, who happens to maintain her hair. His name is Emmanual Chege.


Asha recently lost 65 pounds with the help of Emmanual. They would run together. Not an easy feat, as her hair is said to weigh 45 pounds.

They met online 3 years ago and dated for 8 months before getting married.

There are rumours that Emmanual is now vying to make it into the Guiness Book of World Records as man with the longest locs. Asha currently holds the title for “woman with the longest dreadlocks.”  Neither will cut their locs due to spiritual reasons.

As a fan of loc love, to me, they make the cutest couple ever.

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