Why You Should Drink Your Garlic


The sulfur contained in garlic has many health benefits… First, garlic is antibacterial; therefore, it acts as a potent antibiotic. It kills harmful bacteria and strengthens the immune system, making it great for colds (the smell alone can clear nasal passages and aid congestion), infections (including respiratory), and general inflammation. It is also believed to be antiviral, helping prevent colds and the flu from occurring in the first place.

Garlic is anti-fungal. It effectively kills Candida/yeast in your body. It kills intestinal parasites too. It is believed to be great for heart health, as it lowers cholesterol levels and thins the blood. It is not recommended, however, for those currently on blood thinners or planning to undergo surgery. Surprisingly, garlic contains vitamins – vitamin A, B1, and C, as well as calcium, copper, iron, and zinc. The selenium it also contains (known to flush out metals) makes it great for detoxification!

Garlic tea can be made with 1/2 to one full clove of crushed garlic, steeped for 10 to 15 minutes. To make it even more potent, it is recommended that the garlic be allowed to oxidize after being crushed… in other words, sit for roughly 20 minutes before water is added.

I personally find that garlic tea tastes like soup broth that lacks seasoning. The taste is quite mild and familiar… nothing to be afraid of. I consume it whenever I have a really bad cold. I never rely on over-the-counter medication.

If the thought of drinking garlic still intimidates you, you may want to try adding lemon, honey, or even ginger to alter the taste. Once you get past the odour, garlic really has some tremendous healing properties.

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