Thoughts Become Things

 The Law of Attraction states that “what you focus on expands.” It means that what you think about the most will show itself in your life, whether you’re conscious of it or not. In other words, focus on negative things (eg, anger, jealousy, loneliness, financial troubles, etc.) and you’ll bring more of this into your life. Focus on the positive (eg. love, affection, generosity, the blessings you already have) and you’ll bring more of this into your life.


The book The Secret (2006) by Rhonda Byrne brought the concept of the law of attraction to the masses a while back. Oprah backed it up, and made it a phenomenon. You Can Heal Your Life is a book written by Louise Hay and published in 1999.


It’s a self-help book that evolves around the concept of the law of attraction, law of abundance, positive affirmations, etc. It goes so far as to say that certain illnesses can be helped by changing your thought process. Eg. general cramps have to do with tension, fear, and holding on. They can be aided with thoughts such as, “I relax and allow my mind to be peaceful.” You can check out many excerpts from The Secret on YouTube…


I recommend you get your hands on You Can Heal Your Life in book form. It was recommended to me during a bout of depression several years back and really helped me to get out of my funk by changing my thought process. If you’re going through a difficult time or are at a stand-still in life, it can definitely do the same for you.

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