Product Review: Dr. Mist Body Hygiene Deodorant Spray


Basically, commercial antiperspirants not only prevent you from sweating, keeping toxins in, but the aluminum used to make them is considered a neurotoxin itself. Toxins in the body contribute to all sorts of things: cancer, inflammation, skin breakouts. There are a few other ingredients commercial antiperspirant contains that have ill side effects as well (See here for more). Dr. Mist Body Hygiene Deodorant Spray is an aluminum-free deodorant spray that can be used on feet or under the armpits. Some have even used it on their face to fight acne (due to it’s antibacterial properties) and have experienced significant results.

The Claim “The multi-award winning Dr. Mist utilizes just pure water, concentrated salt and minerals to form a fluid spray that evaporates 4 times faster than ordinary water. Once the fluid evaporates it leaves a thin layer of very fine powder, a combination of salt and minerals on the skin. This fine powdery residue acts as a protective barrier to block and kill bacteria. Without the presence of bacteria reacting on sweat, there is no unpleasant odor. The unique combination of water and mineral salts means that Dr. Mist is unlike any conventional deodorant. It is non-greasy, non-irritating, non-toxic and does not contain any fragrance, artificial colorings, cream, oil or alcohol.”

Results I picked up the 50 mL spray at Honey Fig for $8 CDN, which is a little pricey for something I’ll probably go through very quickly. My goal is to eat very clean and stay away from commercial antiperspirants so that my body adapts and natural deodorant is then strong enough for me. Crystal Body Deodorant is inexpensive (under $4 for 4 oz) but it definitely did not keep me dry. Dr. Mist keeps me just as dry as Secret, Dove, or any over-the-counter antiperspirant I’ve tried… except for Mitchum (strong stuff). I’m luvin’ the Dr. Mist and will probably stock up on it when I run out. If you know of any other good (and affordable) natural deodorants, please share. ‘Til then, I fully recommend Dr. Mist. It’s available at most online drugstores. Pick yours up today!

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