One Love Vegetarian Restaurant

Back when I first started getting into veganism, One Love Vegetarian Restaurant was a place that I had always wanted to go. It’s located in downtown Toronto and specializes in Caribbean vegetarian cuisine. An added bonus? Most — if not all — of their dishes seem to actually be vegan.


One thing that held be back from going, though, is that I live in the east end of Toronto, making  it an hour and a half trip to get to by subway.  I don’t do highways. The second thing? I did not have any friends who were vegan or vegetarian to go with.

But I happened to be in the area on my own the other day and decided it was the perfect time to try it out.

They have many types of roti on the menu but I figured I wanted to try something that would be hard to find anywhere near where I live. I decided on the BBQ tofu meal, which consists of BBQ tofu, plantain, avocado, and rice and peas (made with jasmine rice).




Some of the other things on their menu included: curries with chickpeas, TVP (textured vegetable protein), Jamaican Pumpkin, etc; a calalloo meal with provision (green banana, yam, sweet potato) on the side; and their World Famous Corn Soup, which I remember seeing featured on a Canadian cooking show called Christine Cushing when I was younger.

Everything, especially the rice and peas, tasted great! It was uniquely seasoned and I felt really good after eating it, probably because jasmine rice is non-starchy and easily digestible. White rice is usually used in rice and peas. They managed to flavour both the bbq tofu meal and the ginger beer I had with it in a way that did not require a lot of salt or sugar.

All in all, I felt like a had a great-tasting lunch and that I was consuming something undeniably good for me. I just don’t get the same feeling afterwards if I order a meat-free dish at a random takeout place.

The staff was very friendly and I would definitely go back if I were in the area.

Their World Famous Corn Soup is usually sold at Afrofest, a summer festival here in Toronto that ‘s definitely worth checking out.


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