Loc Star: Lauryn Hill



Lauryn Hill is a singer/rapper, producer, and actress. She is American, of Haitian descent. I first laid eyes on her when her — then — rap group, The Fugees, released their first mainstream music video¬† “Fu-gee-la” in 1996.

She soon went solo and started creating music that could be classified as “neo soul”. At the 41st Grammy Awards, she won 5 Grammys.



I’ve always adored Lauryn. She’s beautiful, has an incredible voice, writes lyrics with substance and translates this sense of substance into speeches that inspire others to find the same.


Her freeform locs, which she no longer rocks, represented love of her culture (to me) and offset her beautiful face perfectly.

She was definitely one of my loc idols and continues to serve as inspiration to me today.



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