Loc Star: Kamila McDonald


Fitness mogul Kamila McDonald is married to legendary reggae artist Jah Cure, and they currently share one child together.


She was raised in a traditional Rastafarian household in her homeland of Jamaica. She was brought up on natural foods and a natural way of living.

However, she gained 60 pounds after graduating from high school and marks it as one of her lowest points. Her own weight loss transformation is a testimony to how life changing improving your diet and exercise habits can be. Her radiance and energy shows through.


In a 2015 interview with “Jamaica Observer”, Kamila is quoted as saying…

“Locks have become beautiful now. Some of those same teachers who used to give me a fight at school are now sitting next to me at the loctician doing their hair. It’s interesting for me to see that because while my parents would have just seen the fight [against Rastafarians], I have seen the fight and now the acceptance.”

Her mission is to empower women to accept and LOVE themselves the way they are.

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