Henna and Henna-Indigo – Natural Hair Dye

Natural henna powder has many benefits. When used correctly, it acts as a protein treatment, adds shine, softness, and leaves a shimmering reddish tint behind.

It’s also very affordable as it can be found at your local ethnic (South Asian) grocery store for under $5 bucks, “Nupur Henna” being one of the most popular brands. You can mix it with your favourite tea to alter the shade of red it leaves behind, you can add yogurt, honey, or olive oil for extra shine and softnesss…it’s versatile. The reddish tint is permanent. It grows out as opposed to washes out.

One just has to make sure they are using pure henna powder without any chemical additives, as the chemicals added to some “color-in-the-box”-type brands may have an adverse effect on dry/damaged or previously colored hair.

Henna indigo is a process that people use when they don’t want the reddish tint that comes with using henna alone, especially since it turns gray hairs light copper. They may want to darken their light hair (eg. from medium brown to dark brown) or cover their grays.

For darkening hair, indigo powder can simply be added to henna powder and applied the same way you would normally do your henna treatment – mix the paste, let sit for a few hours, apply, leave in for a few hours, and rinse out.


To effectively cover grays, however , the process is a little more tedious. You mix the henna paste, let it sit for a few hours, apply, leave in for a few hours, rinse, make a paste out of indigo (without letting it sit), apply, leave in for a few more hours, and rinse. It may take a day or so for you to see your final results as the indigo needs time to oxidize.

I’ve had marvelous results with henna treatments while relaxed and natural. It makes my hair feel stronger as well as makes it super shiny.

(Yes, the packaging looks a little old school)

In case you’re having trouble getting your hands on henna indigo, “Light Mountain – Color the Gray (black)” can be found online for under $10. Iherb.com is one of the places that sells it. It contains nothing but henna powder and indigo powder, in seperate packages, with easy-to-follow instructions.

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