Are My Locs a Hairstyle or a Lifestyle?

What an awesome topic!

In this video, YouTube’s Lauren Jackson discusses how she feels about her natural hair.

For me, personally, going natural and starting my locs was more of a lifestyle choice than an aesthetic one. I realized that I had been trying subconsciously to fit in or even blend into the background. To do that, I had to chemically straighten my hair and rock my super-thick hair in a ponytail or bun all the time. I had to wear makeup to feel pretty, and I had to buy clothes that were “in style.”

When I started going to the gym on a regular basis, I was make-up free, dressed down, and rocking my natural hair. The attention I garnered nurtured my confidence and lead me to ditch the full make-up, tamed-down hair, and look the way I naturally do.

It was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I now am conscious of the amount of physical activity I get, how healthy the food that goes into my body is, and love rocking my super thick locs loose and free.

Like I said, for me, locking my hair was more of a lifestyle choice… a culmination of the positive changes I had been making.

What do your locs represent to you?

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